Get Help Paying for Repairs

If you fail a smog check and need to get your vehicle repaired, you can get assistance doing so. Since some of the repairs may be more expensive than you budgeted for, the Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) can help.

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We’ll Repair Your Vehicle

If your vehicle does fail a smog check, you will be responsible for making the necessary repairs to it to ensure it does pass. We can help you do that!

Quality Service

We’ll be with you every step of the way. Our certified technicians are trained to handlle any situation that can happen when repairing your vehicle. Our friendly and courteous service writers will keep you informed every step of the way.

Want To Retire Your Vehicle Instead?

Want to retire your vehicle instead of fixing it? The Consumer Assistance Program will pay for your unwanted vehicle at a rate usually higher than any junkyard or third party vendor. Based on your vehicle’s eligibility you may qualify for $500-$1500!

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