Certified Smog Testing

We are a certified smog testing station and provide smog tests all day long. Bring your vehicle by today to have a test performed on it. Once you pass the test, we will provide you with the proper certification to show you passed. And in case your vehicle fails, our trained techs have the tools and knowledge to get your vehicle running right again. We perform both ASM (Acceleration Simulation Mode) and TSI (Two Speed Idle) smog tests. Diesel’s & AWD no problem!

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No Appointment Needed

If you are nearby and want to stop by, please do so. Conveniently located in San Bernardino between the 210 and 215 freeways, You never need an appointment to have a smog test performed on your vehicle.

FREE Money for Repairs

If your vehicle does not pass a smog test, programs are available to get FREE money to repair your vehicle until it does pass. We Participate in the Conumer Assistance Program (CAP). This income eligible program is here to assist you in repairing your vehicle. Click here for more info.

What’s Checked during a Smog Test?

  • Fuel and EVAP System
  • Catalyst
  • Ignition Timing
  • Sensors and Switches
  • Aftermarket Parts
  • Visible Smoke
  • On-board Monitoring
  • Visual Leaks

Vehicle Retirement

If you no longer want your vehicle and if you want to sell it to the state. Our staff has the form and knows how to do it for you.

Schedule a smog check today.