Getting Brake Repairs and Replacements

In some cases, brakes can be in good condition but fail due to a lack of fluid or improper installation. Brake problems pose mild-to-moderate danger, so drivers are urged to fix the problem as soon as it starts. When problems are severe, brakes need to be replaced. Like all parts of a vehicle, brakes have a certain lifespan. Let the experts at Felix Automotive get your brakes in working order.

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Brake Repair in San Bernardino

State Certified Inspections for the DMV

When re-registering salvaged vehicles in California, a Brake and Lamp inspection is required. Felix Automotive is a certified inspection and repair station that will ensure that your vehicle is in proper working order to safely share the road with other vehicles.
Located in San Bernardino, we perform inspections for the Inland Empire, Riverside, High Desert and Los Angeles areas. The brake inspection is to test that the brakes are properly working. Things like brake lining thickness, operating of the parking brake, and safety issues are inspected.

The exterior lighting is checked during the lamp inspection to ensure that headlights are properly aimed, as well as turn signals and other electrical components associated with lighting. Certificates are issued upon passing inspection. Click here to view a comprehensive list of what the Brake and Lamp Inspection entails.

All Vehicle Makes and Models

We service all vehicle makes and models including foreign and domestic vehicles with a GVWR up to 10,000 pounds. Give us a call today to discuss your needs.

Brake/Lamp Inspections required for:

  • Salvage/Damaged Vehicle Retitle
  • Citation/Safety Issue
  • Salvaged Used Vehicle Purchase

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