Trust Felix Automotive for San Bernardino Brakes Replacement

Brakes don’t last forever. Regular and consistent brake inspection is key to ensuring your vehicle can smoothly glide to a complete stop. In emergencies, your car’s brakes can save your life. At Felix Automotive, we specialize in complete brake repair and replacement services. With our team of experts in San Bernardino, brakes are easy to repair, replace, and verify at a moment’s notice. Whether salvaging a vehicle or simply performing the recommended annual check-up, Felix Automotive provides comprehensive brake service for all vehicle makes and models with a gross vehicle weight rating under 10,000 pounds. Bring your vehicle to us for brakes replacement and repair to ensure optimal safety on the road!

San Bernardino Auto Repair Experts

When it comes to damaged vehicles, having an expert San Bernardino auto repair specialist a phone call away is incredibly important. From starters, water pumps, cooling systems, timing belts, and transmissions, we offer complete service that covers every component in your vehicle. We regularly perform diagnostic tests, complete engine rebuilds, and more. In addition, we have our own tow truck primed and ready to save the day when your vehicle finally quits on you. Give us a call and ask for an emergency auto repair specialist to take care of your car today.

San Bernardino Auto Repair

Automotive Repair

We provide a wide variety of automotive repair services in San Bernardino for all vehicles, both foreign and domestic.

preventative maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance will help keep your vehicle running smoothly. 30k, 60k, 90k services are crucial to extend the life of your vehicle.

smog check

Smog Check

Whether it’s renewal time or your car is a gross polluter, our technicians are trained to handle and repair all your vehicle’s needs.

San Bernardino Brakes

Brake Service

If your brakes are beginning to act up, don’t risk your and your family’s safety. Bring your vehicle into our shop, and make sure to ask about our Complimentary Brake Check.

tune up


Need a minor or major tune-up? Not sure what you need? Trust our ASE certified techs to get your car running right.

brake and light inspection

Brake/Lamp Inspection

Was your vehicle involved in an accident or declared a total loss? DMV Certified Inspections for the Inland Empire area performed here.